Dual Action in the Australian Hardware Journal July 2022

Hardware Journal | Jul 15, 2021


Impact Tools recently announced the re-launch of its popular Dual Action range. Retailers nationally will soon see the new look logo applied to the Dual Action product packaging and point-of-sale which will begin distribution this month. 

Stocked by numerous resellers nationally, the Dual Action range of thin-walled socket products has the dual benefit of working with an impact tool and a hand tool, saving space in the tool-kit for all users, particularly those in the automotive industry.

Dual Action Impact Sockets are made of chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, a high-quality material that meets the extreme requirements that professional users require from their tools. 

A drop forge process is used to form the Impact Sockets, followed by precise heat and surface hardening treatments to deliver unsurpassed material strength, hardness and superior surface durability. Dual Action’s independent quality control program uses the latest technology and statistical tools to ensure that each action socket matches world class standards. The Dual Action Impact Socket manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified and are all warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product. 

Available individually and also in sets, the Dual Action socket is particularly appealing to customers because it enables them to replace two sockets with one. With ¼” ⅜” and ½” drive in metric, imperial, standard and deep variants, all are available in six and 12 points, allowing the range to deliver a highly comprehensive product in both sockets and sets.

Dual Action sets include not just a range of strong impact sockets, but also a ratchet with quick release button, which is low profile to allow greater access to confined areas. These popular sets also include a wobble extension which provides 15 degrees of deflection and can also be locked straight for normal use.

Specifically engineered for the needs of the professional technician, Dual Action thin-walled sockets and accessories provide unparalleled versatility. For those that are serious about their tools, the best action they can take is Dual Action.

 Dual Action Socket Set in Hardware Journal