TAT Tested Article | Issue 40 July, 2021

TAT Tested Article | Issue 40 July, 2021

When TaT was invited to road test the Dual Action socket ratchet range, we thought what could possibly be new with a socket set?

After a workout in the TaT research workshop, the staff were very impressed. The fact that we were working with thin-walled sockets that could be used with air or battery operated rattle guns was a big hit and certainly safer than using normal sockets with these tools.
Another positive was the large identification numbers on the side of each socket. In a busy workshop, quick identification of sockets helps.
The so-called Dual Action socket range is manufactured by Action Tool Corp, one of the oldest and biggest socket manufacturers in the world.
The total range includes more than 8,000 sockets and related accessories. Dual Action products have been available only in recent years in Australia. Their sockets are made from high impact alloy steel and are precision forged and heat treated.

A close inspection of any Dual Action socket will convince anybody that their manufacturing process must be spot-on to continually produce such a high quality thin-wall socket.
That explains the company’s lifetime replacement warranty.
Three of the most popular kits are:

There are now 20 different sets available, plus eight starter packs in metric, imperial, standard and deep, and in 6-point or 12-point.
Individual sockets are also available.

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