Safety Rules

These safety recommendations simply reflect good engineering practice and are not intended to be a comprehensive set of rules. They complement, but do not replace standard precautions to be taken by every user in compliance with professional guidelines, company procedures or national regulations. Keep and follow all power tool manufacturers operating instructions and safety rules. Remember, all the rules in the world cannot replace good common sense.

Always wear eye, face, hand and body protective equipment while using or near the use of any Impact Tool or Attachment.
Use only Impact Sockets that are in good condition. Worn Tools reduce impact power and could also shatter, resulting in personal injury.
Always select the correct size and type of Tool for the job to be done.
When using a Universal Joint, Adapter or Extension Bar, never operate the Tool off the work.

Use only Socket Retaining Pins designed for that purpose. Never use a make-shift pin.

Never continue to hammer with an Impact Socket once the Fastener is tight.
Always use the simplest hook-up possible. Long Extension Bars and Adapters absorb impact power and could break loose, resulting in personal injury.
Never modify an Impact Socket from its original design to accomplish a task for which it was not intended.

Never strike an Impact Socket with a Hammer or other hard object.
Never hold a Socket or Universal Joint or other Attachment in your hand while the Power Tool is running.

Keep tools away from Children.